Thank you to anonymous

We’d like to give a heartfelt thank you to the anonymous benefactor who kindly donated £50 to the Playground Regeneration Project. Such generosity is gratefully appreciated by the academy pupils, parents and staff.


Pots of Pansies

Fourteen children took up the pots of pansies challenge and the first flowers are now blooming. Mixed seed was sown and it will be interesting to see the variety as they flower over the next few weeks.

Make sure to remove the flowers as they die, to encourage your plants to keep on flowering.

Easter Egg treasure hunt

Class 4 found their basket hidden amongst the tables in the canteen.

The afternoon of Wednesday 5th April, saw the Academy children receive the news that the Easter Treats, Friends of Worlaby had asked Easter Bunny to deliver to them, had been stolen. Mrs Otty and Miss Carnaby had the task of informing the children of this dastardly deed, by way of letters that had been received from the mysterious E.E. Hunt (aka 007½), addressed to each class. Below is the letter Class 4 received: Continue reading