Presents for Parents 2016

‘Presents for Parents’ is a Christmas fundraiser which has proved very popular and successful over recent years. Being a small school, it doesn’t generate huge sums of money but the children love it and it’s a great activity to be involved with.

So how does it work?

It’s simple really. Towards the beginning of November, a letter is sent home to parents with an order form section. If parents/carers want to take part in the event, they fill in the number of gifts required, then what each gift tag should read (to whom, from whom) and return it to school with £4 for each gift ordered. Although called ‘Presents for Parents’, in reality gifts are ordered for mums, dads, grandparents, uncles, aunts and older siblings.

Once we get a few orders in, a FOW member goes shopping, hunting out the best offers available for up to £3 per gift. It doesn’t sound a lot and you could be forgiven for thinking that you’re not going to get much for that amount of money but you would be surprise what you can get, if you shop about. What with special offers and discount shops, all manner of items can be purchased, usually 3 or more of each item, until the we have enough to cover the number of gifts ordered.

With gifts purchased, wrapping paper is acquired and all but one of each item is wrapped ready for present choosing.

One afternoon during the last two weeks of term, the gifts are brought into school and set out with the wrapped gifts behind their unwrapped example. Then one by one the pupils who have ordered gifts are collected from class and are able to choose what they want for whomever it is that they ordered a gift for. Gift tags are written (wherever possible by the child) and attached to one of the pre-wrapped items. Obviously we eventually end up with just the unwrapped sample of each gift left ……. which is when we hope someone remembered to bring gift wrap and tape with them 😉

The presents are then stored until the last few days of term, when they are handed out ready to be taken home.

So there you have it, whilst the parcels will never be a Rolex, GHD hair products or high end perfume, Christmas will see recipients receiving a nice little surprise which, as one mum put it, they haven’t had to wrap themselves.


A total of 51 presents were ordered, bought, wrapped and then picked by the participating children, generating just under £66 for the funding pot.