Walk TS Once a Week (WOW)

The school is encouraging pupils to walk to school at least once a week if it is safe and practical to do so.

There is also a badge designing competition, here is the link to the details:

Design a WOW Badge

Walking to school has real benefits for children, here are four:

 Walking is known to improve academic performance. Children arrive brighter and more alert for their first morning class. In a UK Department for Transport survey, nine out of ten teachers said their students are much more ready to learn if they’ve walked to school. Walking reduces stress and increases creativity, both of which will help a child’s performance at school.

Walking gets children outdoors – and, according to Richard Louv, who wrote Last Child in the Woods, kids certainly aren’t spending enough time outside these days. Those few minutes of walking can provide inspiration. One child, interviewed for a study by the University of Toronto, described his daily commute: “There’s this pathway I go by, and it’s actually in this puny, puny forest. So it has big tall trees around it. Yeah, it’s just spectacular.” Children pay attention to and revel in their surroundings in a way that adults don’t.

Walking provides daily exercise for children. Obesity rates have skyrocketed in North America, so incorporating physical activity into a child’s daily routine is a good place to start fighting it. As physical fitness improves, so does academic performance, according to the California Department of Education.

Urban affairs journalist Christopher Hume says, “Walking is a reflection of how we feel about the environment in which we live.” Children will learn to love their town even more if they get to know it on foot.

Katherine Martinko/ treehugger.com



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