Easter Egg treasure hunt

Class 4 found their basket hidden amongst the tables in the canteen.

The afternoon of Wednesday 5th April, saw the Academy children receive the news that the Easter Treats, Friends of Worlaby had asked Easter Bunny to deliver to them, had been stolen. Mrs Otty and Miss Carnaby had the task of informing the children of this dastardly deed, by way of letters that had been received from the mysterious E.E. Hunt (aka 007½), addressed to each class. Below is the letter Class 4 received:

Dear Class 4,

Fiendish gnomes have stolen the basket of treats, Friends of Worlaby asked Easter Bunny to bring you, and have hidden it somewhere in the Academy!!! Fortunately gnomes are extremely forgetful (and clumsy) creatures, so not only have they left clues to help them remember the hiding place but they dropped one of the clues!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to locate and solve the clues and find your basket before the gnomes have the chance to come back for it.

Good luck Class 4.
Yours sincerely,
E.E Hunt
Secret Agent 007½

The first ‘dropped’ clue for each class, was with the letter and the children happily accepted the challenge and class by class solved their particular set of clues, found their baskets and divvied up the loot of cream eggs, or haribos for the handful of children who either don’t like or can’t have chocolate.

Hopefully those cheeky gnomes will think twice before trying to hoodwink our students again!



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