Christmas Treat Sack

Treat sack and gifts: whose name will be drawn today?

This year, FOWS decided to replace the ‘Presents for Parents’ Christmas fundraiser with one for the children to participate in and on December 1st the first ‘Christmas Treat Sack‘ draws were made.So how does it work?

Well, for the cost of £2 per gift, parents were able to return a slip to school with the name(s) of their child(ren) on, allowing them to be included in the daily draws for either Christmas sweets, such as Fruit Pastille or Randoms tubes, or Christmas chocolate treats, such as selection boxes. Parents were able to specify chocolate, sweets or either, against each child and the event was open to non-academy siblings as well.

Fifty children are taking part and their names have been written onto gift labels and these have all been put into a Christmassy gift bag, ready for the daily draw. The first 15 names have already been drawn out with each excited children picking a wrapped present out of the sack at lunchtime, in the dinner hall. After they have chosen their gift, the child draws the next name out, with the last one of each day drawing the first name on the following Treat Sack draw. Four names are drawn out per day which, if my maths is correct, should mean that the last four children will choose their gift on the last day of term. A couple of extra gifts have been purchased to ensure that even the last name out of the bag gets a choice of parcels to choose from. These spares can then be used as prizes for other events.

To ensure that where a parent has specified a particular type of gift for a certain child, that child chooses the correct type of gift, the labels have been marked with a tiny letter so that the preference can be honoured: ‘s’ for sweets, ‘c’ for chocolate and ‘e’ for either. This means that the supervising adult can guide the child to select a gift from the correct colour wrapping paper (silver is sweets and red is chocolate).

So far the appearance of the sack has caused much excitement as the children wait to see whose name will be called next and while this isn’t going to make us a huge amount of money (approx. £50 at the moment), at least part of it will be able to be added to the coffers for the playground project.

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