About FOW

Friends of Worlaby (FOW) is a registered Charity and is made up of a group of people from Worlaby, Bonby, Saxby, South Ferriby and other surrounding villages who support the activities of Worlaby Academy.

The aim of FOW is to raise funds and organise and hold events and activities that benefit the educational, social and emotional experience of the pupils at Worlaby Academy.

Anyone can contribute to FOW in a variety of ways such as helping out at events, donating gifts for raffles, supplying cakes for coffee afternoons and providing the expertise or skills required in larger projects.

The funds and efforts raised by FOW are then put to use in improving the experience of the pupils at the Worlaby Academy in a wide variety of ways such as paying for transport to cultural events such as plays or musicals, providing equipment such as digital cameras or re-modelling areas of the building.

Our group members contribute when and where they can and in a variety of ways.

If you think you might like to help or you have the skills, expertise or knowledge that might be of great use to FOW then please get in touch using the Contact Form on this site.