Achievements FOW 2016/17

This is a list of the items and activities FOW has funded for the year 2016/17:


  1. FOW paid for the transport costs for the trip to the Plowright theatre to see The Snowman.
  2. FOW contributed £100 towards cost of materials for seed planting.
  3. FOW paid for new digital camera’s for pupils to have access to during class to help with their school work.
  4. Organised Halloween and Xmas disco/ party with sweets for the children.
  5. Paid for transport costs to York Railway Museum.
  6. Paid for transport costs to Pantomime.
  7. Paid for transport costs to Kingswood.
  8. Paid for Easter Egg hunt eggs and baskets.

Other items paid for by the charity include:


  • A new notice board
  • A PA system
  • Year 6 Leavers books
  • Pupil Christmas gifts and Easter eggs
  • Sports Day trophies & refreshments