What is Bonus Ball

So what is the Worlaby Bonus Ball ?

It is a chance to win £20 each month and a whopping £100 in an additional Christmas Draw which happens the week before the last December draw, for just £1.00 per month.

You choose a Bonus Ball number and that’s you’re personal chance to win the monthly prize.

Nobody else has that number, only you.

Then simply watch the last national lottery draw of the month and keep your eye on the Bonus Ball or check back here on the Sunday after the draw for the results.

If your number comes up, Bingo your a winner!

To enter simply pay £12 to Elaine or drop off your entry fee at the school office.

Entry fee’s are due in September each year.



Good Luck !

Winners Academic Year 2017/2018

Winners Academic Year 2016/2017