My Donate

FOWS has teamed up with My Donate which is a BT not for profit operation that supports charities by allowing supporters to contribute one off or regular payments.

Visit our charity page on BT MyDonate

We appreciate that parents work hard and may not be in a position to contribute through events or with their time and so this service offers another way to help Worlaby Academy with transport, equipment and the upgrading of school facilities.

As FOWS is a charity that spends every penny raised in helping to improve the educational experience of our children it made sense that some people would want to contribute to the charity in the same way as they would to any other charity that does good work in the community.

Any contribution is worth while, whether it is £1 or £10, it all adds up and the overall contribution over the year can generate a significant sum of money.

Currently we are not able to collect the Gift Aid linked to donations but we are in the process of applying for the necessary tax forms to allow for this.

Click the button below to go to our My Donate page where you can make a contribution:

Visit our charity page on BT MyDonate