Happy New Year and a BIG Thank You

FOWS would like to wish all its members, supporters and readers, a very Happy New Year and we would like to give a massive thank you, for all the help and support you have given in 2017. We would also like to give a special thank you to those individuals, not necessarily associated with the Academy but who have offered their time, knowledge and advice, free of charge, to try and help us achieve our goals. Continue reading

Victorian Market 2017

The weather held fine, if cold, for the Victorian Market on the Worlaby pleasure Grounds, last Sunday (3rd December). FOWS had a ‘Water to Wine’ stall, with a £1 a bag charge for those hoping to find a bottle of wine or spirits amongst the water. As always, the stall was extremely popular and the last bag had been bought by the end of the first hour of the market, netting a profit of £50. Continue reading

Easter Egg treasure hunt

Class 4 found their basket hidden amongst the tables in the canteen.

The afternoon of Wednesday 5th April, saw the Academy children receive the news that the Easter Treats, Friends of Worlaby had asked Easter Bunny to deliver to them, had been stolen. Mrs Otty and Miss Carnaby had the task of informing the children of this dastardly deed, by way of letters that had been received from the mysterious E.E. Hunt (aka 007½), addressed to each class. Below is the letter Class 4 received: Continue reading